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About Us

We have identified ten missions that are further explained in the "Why Is This Important" section of this website. 

Our mission is to improve Productivity to help stimulate and grow the nation's economy and improve our standard of living by:

  1. Increasing the productivity of the Knowledge Worker.

  2. Increasing business investment in computer equipment and software. 

  3. Developing an 'Innovation Infrastructure' to support the innovation process.

  4. Providing our clients with an integrated Product Development System that is integral, interoperable, and utilizes an internet infrastructure to streamline the Product Development Process.

  5. Supporting the Manufacturing Industry with the best People, Process Consulting & Training, Technology, Machines and Materials.

  6. Providing quality education and training for K-12, colleges, universities, and the manufacturing workforce.

  7. Providing SMBs with the same Technology, Training, and Consulting as large multi- national corporations to support an efficient, lean, and flexible Product Development System.

  8. Providing an efficient process to ensure clients receive value at all times, GAIN Productivity, and receive a high return on investment.

  9. Rewarding high Productivity from Productivity Partners with increased compensation and work.

  10. Remaining profitable as an organization to enable further investment and growth.

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