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Why Is This Important

To compete in the new global economy we need an educated workforce.  Education enables individuals to increase their incomes, provides a capable workforce, and increases overall productivity of the economy.  A person with a college education will earn over a million dollars more over their lifetime than a person without a college degree. 

In order to succeed at innovation, it is also critical to employ a talented workforce.  Of particular importance are those with bachelor and graduate degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, and the Physical Sciences.  Unfortunately, the United States has witnessed a decline in the number of these degrees awarded.

science and engineering degrees

There has also been a decline in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) scores of our junior high and high school students.  Even more alarming is the national average high school graduation rate of approximately 70%.  This is at a time when our competitive global economy will hinge on how well our young people are equipped to use and create the high-tech tools of tomorrow.

Manufacturing Skills

While improving K-12 and college education will play a critical role in boosting U.S. Competitiveness, the vast majority of the people who will be in the workforce in 2026 are already in the workforce now.  The United States lags behind other companies in the number of hours of job training that are given to employees.  Job training is also dominated by large firms - 36% of all workers in the United States work for small companies with less than 100 employees, but these companies account for just 12% of the total corporate investment in training.

On the job training

To help America overcome the aforementioned issues, we have our sixth mission:

6)  To provide quality education and training for K-12, colleges, universities, and the SMB workforce.

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